About Charles Brandes

About Charles Brandes

Charles Brandes is the founder and Chairman of Brandes Investment Partners, L.P., and also a member of the firm’s Investment Oversight Committee.

Starting his career in 1968 as a broker trainee, Mr. Brandes decided to dedicate his practice to value investing soon after a chance yet inspiring meeting with the man who pioneered this time-tested investment philosophy, Benjamin Graham. Considered the father of value investing, Graham authored such books as
 Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor—groundbreaking insights that, as Mr. Brandes often puts it, “changed my life.”

“If you’re worried about short-term stock market fluctuations, and not the long-term, basic fundamentals of wealth production of businesses, then you are a speculator,”
Mr. Brandes says, recalling Graham’s philosophy. “Don’t think about anything other than the actual, fundamental, economic value and long-term wealth production of the businesses you own. Value investors separate this from short-term market movements.”

Following this sage advice, Mr. Brandes would found Brandes Investment Partners in 1974—with Graham's enthusiastic support—based on the Graham-and-Dodd value investment tenets.

More than 40 years since he founded his eponymous firm, Brandes has never wavered from this straightforward, Graham-and-Dodd approach, building portfolios one company at a time through the firm’s equity and fixed-income strategies to help clients pursue their long-term investment goals.

Mr. Brandes’ accomplishments in the financial services industry—especially in the value investing world—led him to receive two lifetime achievement awards in 2015: one from the London Value Investor Conference; and another from his alma mater Bucknell University, for an outstanding achievement in a chosen profession.