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Your Independent Value-Investing Specialists

Since our firm’s founding in 1974, Brandes has always strived for a singular goal: to help our clients pursue their long-term financial objectives.

Applying a time-tested value investment philosophy, we have navigated through the ups and downs of various markets—from developed to emerging markets, from large to small caps. By focusing on individual company fundamentals, we constantly pursue what we believe to be undervalued businesses with attractive long-term prospects.

We are a 100% employee-owned company. Our independence allows us to fully concentrate on what we value most: pursuing excellence in investment management and client service to financial advisors and investors.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your investment needs with our diverse strategies.

  • Anita Krishnamoorthy
    Anita Krishnamoorthy, CFA
    Chief Executive Officer, Brandes Asia
    Brandes Investment Partners (Asia) Pte. Ltd

    Tel: +65 6727 4793
  • George Koh, CFA
    George Koh, CFA
    Associate Director, Brandes Asia
    Brandes Investment Partners (Asia) Pte. Ltd

    Tel: +65 6727 4794