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News and Announcements

Brandes Institute Manager Bob Schmidt and psychologist Frank Murtha discuss the practical applications of behavioral finance on Advisor Perspectives’ “Gaining Perspective” podcast.   Read More
Citing the Brandes Institute study "The CAPE Ratio and Future Returns: A Note on Market Timing" by Wim Antoons, this MoneyWeek article explores what the cyclically adjusted price/earnings ratio may indicate for future returns.   Read More
Brandes Institute Manager Bob Schmidt is quoted in U.S. News & World Report on how investors can inadvertently let their emotions dictate their investment decisions despite knowing they should be focusing on the long-term.   Read More
Bob Schmidt, Manager of the Brandes Institute, discusses what investors should keep in mind when considering active share   Read More
Bob Schmidt, manager of the Brandes Institute, and Matt Johnson, director of private client sales at Brandes Investment Partners, discuss how investors' emotional biases can affect their portfolios and returns.   Read More
Brandes Institute Manager Bob Schmidt tells NBC News why investors should stick to their financial plans even when they see short-term losses.   Read More
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Looking into a number of research papers, including "Currency Hedging Programs: The Long-Term Perspective" by Brandes Institute, this article discusses how over long periods of time, currency movements have netted out to close to zero.   Read More
The Brandes Institute earlier this month hosted a number of today’s top value investing practitioners in New York City for a series of events including a lively discussion on the benefits of value investing and the characteristics of solid value-based opportunities today.   Read More
Brandes Investment Partners today announced the launch of the third Brandes Scholarship Program (BSP), which will award five scholarships of $4,000 each to U.S. students who can demonstrate knowledge and insight into their investing personalities and risk tolerance.   Read More