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Working at Brandes

Belief in Value Principles. Ethics and Integrity. Put Client Interests First.  Accomplishment & Enjoyment.

Why work at our firm? Our corporate values say it all. We have created a culture that is tightly integrated with our investment philosophy, our competitive advantages, our client satisfaction, our everyday experiences – and reflected in our mission statement: "Be an exceptional firm which provides superior investment advisory services in an atmosphere of accomplishment and enjoyment".

So what does that really mean?  

Our Values:

  • Belief in Value Principles: We have great conviction in our investment process.  Independent thinking and independent ownership are critical in managing products and our business.
  • Ethics and Integrity: The firm has earned a reputation for conducting all facets of its business with the highest degree of integrity.  Employees place a high value on “doing the right thing.”
  • Focus on the Long Term: A clear, long-term vision for our strategies and our business guides decision-making.  Hiring and developing colleagues who share this vision is essential. 
  • Put Client Interests First: Client interests are the highest priority.  We have demonstrated our commitment to clients by closing equity strategies and providing exceptional service.
  • Respect: Various cultural elements contribute to a strong sense of respect shared between colleagues and constituents.
  • Teamwork and Humility: From the partnership to the investment committees to each department throughout the firm, working together is critical to long-term success.  There are no individual “stars” here.  Arrogant or egotistical behavior is not tolerated.
  • Work Hard, Appreciate Accomplishments, Enjoy Life and Each Other: We strive to work hard for the benefit of our clients and the firm and balance these commitments with rewarding personal lives.  In short, we work hard and play hard. 
  • Building a Legacy: Maintaining a corporate culture conducive to the effective implementation of our business and investment philosophy is every colleague’s responsibility.  A solid culture allows us to continue delivering the service our clients have come to expect.