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News and Announcements

Amid the flurry of Argentina's initial public offerings (IPOs), Gerardo Zamorano, Director of Investments at Brandes, weighs in with the firm's view.    Read More
With stock markets around the world seemingly reaching new highs almost daily, Brandes encourages investors to revisit their equity allocations, particularly as they relate to potential growth vs. value biases.    Read More
Emerging markets investors, including Brandes’ Louis Lau, CFA, Director of Investments, discuss which countries have the potential to be market leaders worthy of a new acronym similar to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) or MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey).   Read More
Portfolio managers like Luiz Sauerbronn at Brandes Investment Partners are confining their European banking holdings to well-capitalized companies until the picture clears.    Read More
Portfolio managers like Luiz Sauerbronn at Brandes Investment Partners are confining their European banking holdings to well-capitalized companies until the picture clears.   Read More
European oil & gas companies, as well as U.K. and French grocers offer “quite compelling” opportunities, says Luiz Sauerbronn, Director, Investments Group.   Read More
As German equities have had a good run in the last several years, Luiz Sauerbronn, CFA, Director, Investments Group at Brandes, warns that "the risks in a lot of the German companies are being under-appreciated."   Read More
“We look forward to including NextShares in our product line as we strive to bring innovative and efficient product solutions to our clients,” said Oliver Murray, Managing Director of Portfolio Management and Client Services at Brandes.   Read More
Brandes Investment Partners has entered into a preliminary agreement with Eaton Vance-owned NextShares to launch strategies using the latter's active ETF-like vehicle.   Read More
Losing money when investing is as inevitable as death and taxes, claims long-time market watcher Mark Hulbert, writing in USA Today. As such, investors may be best served by shifting their focus away from the short-term winners and losers towards those who beat the market over the very long term.    Read More

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